Luc Besson Fan Mail Club Address



Luc Besson Fan Mail Club Address







Luc Besson is a French filmmaker, writer, and producer born on March 18, 1959, in Paris, France. He is best known for directing and producing several popular French films, as well as a number of international blockbusters.


Luc Besson's story is one of passion and dedication to filmmaking, as well as a willingness to take risks and push boundaries in his work. He has emerged as one of the most successful and influential French filmmakers of his generation, and his impact on the industry is likely to be felt for many years to come.


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Luc Besson


Occupations: Filmmaker, Writer, and Producer


Country: France


Birth and Early Life: Luc Paul Maurice Besson was born on March 18, 1959, in Paris, France.


Early Career: Besson's interest in filmmaking began at a young age. He started making short films and gained experience in various aspects of filmmaking.


Founder of EuropaCorp: In 1999, Besson co-founded the film production and distribution company EuropaCorp. The company has produced numerous successful films, and Besson served as the CEO until 2019.


Breakthrough Film: Besson's breakthrough as a director came with the 1985 film "Subway," which earned critical acclaim and won several César Awards (French film awards).


"The Big Blue": One of Besson's most renowned films is "The Big Blue" (Le Grand Bleu), released in 1988. The visually stunning film about deep-sea divers became a cult classic and found international success.


"Nikita" and "Leon": Besson gained international recognition with the films "La Femme Nikita" (1990) and "Leon: The Professional" (1994). Both films showcased his talent for directing stylish and action-packed stories.


Sci-Fi Masterpiece: Besson directed the visually groundbreaking science fiction film "The Fifth Element" (1997), starring Bruce Willis and Milla Jovovich. The film's unique visuals and imaginative world-building have made it a cult favorite.


French Legion of Honor: In 2010, Luc Besson was awarded the French Legion of Honor, one of the highest civilian awards in France, in recognition of his contributions to the film industry.

What is Luc Besson Fan mail address?

Luc Besson

Fan Mail Club Address

Studios de Paris

20, rue Ampère

93200 Saint-Denis



Fam Mail Club Address information:

Luc Besson

Studios de Paris

(Production Company)

20, rue Ampère

93200 Saint-Denis



How to send your fan mail requests to Luc Besson?

Please adhere to the instructions below if you wish to request an autograph. Send your request letter, a photo, and a properly stamped, self-addressed envelope (minimum size 8.5" x 4"), if you reside in the USA. To prevent the photo from bending during delivery, you might attach a piece of cardboard and write "Do Not Bend" on the envelopes. Wait after sending your letter. There will often be a 3+ month wait for a response.


How to send autograph requests to Luc Besson?

Please read carefully this article, you will get answer for your all question. Follow the guidelines above. Here we have tried to answer all your questions. By reading this article, you can contact the celebrities of your choice, so that you can request autographs from them.


How to send your fan mail and autograph requests to Luc Besson?


If you're interested in sending fan mail or autograph requests to Luc Besson, you can do so by following these steps:


1. Address your letter or package to Luc Besson at his production company. Here is the address:


Fan Mail Club

Luc Besson


137 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine

75011 Paris



2. Make sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) with your letter or package. This will make it easier for Luc Besson or his representative to send you a response.


3. Write a polite and respectful letter expressing your admiration for his work and requesting an autograph or a response. Keep in mind that celebrities receive a large volume of fan mail, so be patient and don't expect an immediate response.


4. If you are requesting an autograph, include a photo or item for Luc Besson to sign. Make sure to include a clear return address and any special instructions for how you would like the item to be signed.


5. Double-check the address and postage before sending your letter or package to make sure it will reach Luc Besson.


Remember to be respectful and polite when sending fan mail or autograph requests, and don't send any inappropriate or offensive content.


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