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Rose Leslie Fan Mail Club Address



Rose Leslie is a British actress born on February 9, 1987, in Aberdeen, Scotland. She gained significant recognition for her role as Ygritte in the popular television series "Game of Thrones." Leslie's portrayal of Ygritte, a skilled archer and a member of the Free Folk, garnered critical acclaim and made her a fan favorite.


Before her breakthrough role in "Game of Thrones," Rose Leslie appeared in various television shows and films, including "Downton Abbey" and "The Last Witch Hunter." She has also performed on stage, with notable appearances in productions such as "Bedlam" and "Honeymoon."


Rose Leslie


Occupations: Actress


Country: Scottish


Twitter followers: 30.1K Followers


Education: Rose Leslie studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), where she honed her acting skills and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in acting.


Early Career: Before her breakthrough on "Game of Thrones," Leslie appeared in a variety of stage productions, including "The Caucasian Chalk Circle" and "Uncle Vanya."


Ygritte on "Game of Thrones": Rose Leslie portrayed the character Ygritte, a fierce and independent wildling, in the hit HBO series "Game of Thrones." Her performance received widespread acclaim, and her line "You know nothing, Jon Snow" became one of the show's most memorable catchphrases.


Real-Life Romance: Rose Leslie and Kit Harington, who played the character Jon Snow in "Game of Thrones," started dating during the filming of the show. They got engaged in 2017 and tied the knot in June 2018.


Other TV Roles: Apart from "Game of Thrones," Leslie has appeared in various television series. She played the role of Gwen Dawson in the popular period drama "Downton Abbey" and Maia Rindell in the legal drama series "The Good Fight."


Film Appearances: Leslie has also ventured into the world of film. She starred alongside Vin Diesel in the fantasy action film "The Last Witch Hunter" and appeared in the horror-thriller "Honeymoon."


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What is Rose Leslie Fan Mail Address?

Address 1

Rose Leslie

Hamilton Hodell

20 Golden Square





Address 2

Rose Leslie

United Talent Agency

9336 Civic Center Drive

Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3604



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How to send fan mail requests to Rose Leslie?


To send fan mail requests to Rose Leslie, you can follow these general steps:


Prepare your letter: Compose a thoughtful and respectful letter expressing your admiration for Rose Leslie's work and any specific reasons why you are a fan. Be sincere and genuine in your message.


Include your contact information: Make sure to include your full name and return address at the top of the letter or on an enclosed envelope. This allows Rose Leslie or her representatives to respond to your fan mail if they choose to do so.


Address the envelope: On the front of the envelope, write Rose Leslie's name or her official fan mail address. You can usually find this information through reliable sources such as official fan sites, social media profiles, or her talent agency.


Add sufficient postage: Check with your local postal service to determine the correct amount of postage required to send your letter. Make sure to affix the appropriate stamps to the envelope before mailing it.


Optional: Include a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE): If you would like to increase the chances of receiving a response, you can include a SASE inside the envelope. This way, it will be easier for Rose Leslie or her team to reply to your fan mail.


Mail your letter: Take your properly addressed and stamped envelope to the post office or mailbox and send it out. International fans should ensure they have the correct postage and follow any specific mailing instructions for sending mail to another country.


Keep in mind that while Rose Leslie may receive a significant amount of fan mail, there is no guarantee of a response. Celebrities have varying preferences and availability when it comes to fan mail. Patience and understanding are essential when reaching out to a public figure.


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How to send autograph requests to Rose Leslie?

Sending autograph requests to celebrities can be a bit trickier than sending fan mail. While there is no guaranteed method to receive an autograph, here are some steps you can follow if you would like to try:


Obtain an autograph request item: Decide what item you would like to have autographed. It can be a photo, a poster, a DVD cover, or any other item related to Rose Leslie's work. Make sure the item is in good condition and suitable for signing.


Prepare a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE): Include a self-addressed stamped envelope inside a larger envelope. The self-addressed envelope should have adequate postage and be properly addressed to your own address. This will make it easier for Rose Leslie or her representatives to send the autographed item back to you.


Write a polite and concise letter: Include a brief, respectful letter explaining your admiration for Rose Leslie and your request for an autograph. Be sure to mention the item you are sending for autographing. Keep the letter concise and to the point.


Package the item and letter: Carefully place the item and the letter inside the larger envelope. Ensure that everything is well-protected to prevent any damage during transit.


Address the envelope: On the front of the envelope, write Rose Leslie's name or the address provided for autograph requests. Make sure to double-check the accuracy of the address to ensure your package reaches the intended recipient.


Add sufficient postage: Verify the correct postage required for the size and weight of your package. Apply the appropriate stamps to the envelope or visit your local post office to have it weighed and stamped.


Mail your request: Take your package to the post office or mailbox and send it out. International fans should ensure they follow any specific instructions for mailing to another country and provide the necessary postage.


Remember that sending autograph requests does not guarantee a response. Celebrities receive numerous requests, and they may not always have the time or resources to fulfill them all. Exercise patience and understanding, and be prepared for the possibility that you may not receive a response or autograph.


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