Top 20 singers in Singapore | 20 Most famous singers from Singapore


Top 20 singers in Singapore | 20 Most famous singers from Singapore








Here is a list of 20 top Singaporean singers..


1. JJ Lin:

JJ Lin is a renowned Mandopop singer-songwriter who has achieved significant success in the music industry. He is known for his soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics.


2. Tanya Chua:

Tanya Chua is an accomplished singer-songwriter who has released numerous successful albums. Her music combines pop and R&B influences, and she has won multiple awards for her work.


3. Stefanie Sun:

Stefanie Sun, also known as Sun Yanzi, is a highly acclaimed Mandopop singer. She has a powerful and versatile voice, and her emotional performances have earned her a dedicated fan base.


4. Kit Chan:

Kit Chan is a respected singer and actress in Singapore. She gained popularity with her rendition of the National Day song "Home" and has released several successful albums in both English and Mandarin.


5. Nathan Hartono:

Nathan Hartono is a talented singer-songwriter who gained recognition through his participation in the Chinese singing competition "Sing! China." He has since released his own music and captivated audiences with his soulful voice.


6. Taufik Batisah:

Taufik Batisah rose to fame as the winner of the first season of Singapore Idol. He is known for his smooth vocals and has released multiple albums in the R&B and pop genres.


7. Sezairi:

Sezairi is a singer-songwriter who gained popularity after winning the third season of Singapore Idol. He has a captivating voice and his music blends pop, soul, and R&B influences.


8. Benjamin Kheng:

Benjamin Kheng is a talented singer-songwriter and member of the Singaporean band The Sam Willows. He has ventured into his solo career and has showcased his versatility with his pop, folk, and alternative style.


9. Charlie Lim:

Charlie Lim is a singer-songwriter known for his unique blend of pop, soul, and alternative music. His introspective lyrics and captivating voice have garnered him critical acclaim.


10. Jasmine Sokko:

Jasmine Sokko is an electronic-pop artist who has gained recognition for her experimental sound and visually captivating performances. She has released successful singles such as "HURT" and "TIRED."


11. Gentle Bones:

Gentle Bones, also known as Joel Tan, is a singer-songwriter known for his indie-pop and folk-inspired music. He has released popular tracks like "Until We Die" and "Geniuses & Thieves."


12. Linying:

Linying is an indie-pop singer-songwriter who has garnered attention with her ethereal vocals and introspective songwriting. Her tracks include "Sticky Leaves" and "Paris 12."


13. Joanna Dong:

Joanna Dong is a versatile singer known for her jazz-infused music and her participation in singing competitions. She has released albums showcasing her Mandarin and jazz repertoire.

14. Aisyah Aziz:

Aisyah Aziz is a talented singer known for her soulful voice and versatility in various genres. She has released successful singles such as "Mimpi" and "Suka Hati."


15. Shabir Tabare Alam:

Shabir Tabare Alam is a prominent Tamil pop singer and composer in Singapore. He has released numerous hit songs and has been recognized for his contributions to the Tamil music industry.


16. Inch Chua:

Inch Chua is an indie-pop singer-songwriter known for her unique vocal style and thought-provoking lyrics. She has released albums like "Bumfuzzle" and "Letters to Ubin."


17. Daphne Khoo:

Daphne Khoo is a singer-songwriter known for her powerful vocals and heartfelt songwriting. She has released popular tracks such as "Do It Like I Mean It" and "Reach Out."

18. Shigga Shay:

Shigga Shay is a prominent hip-hop artist in Singapore known for his energetic performances and witty lyrics. He has released tracks like "LimPeh" and "Tapau."


19. Tabitha Nauser:

Tabitha Nauser is a versatile singer known for her soulful vocals and dynamic performances. She has released popular singles like "Bulletproof" and "Body Language."


20. The Sam Willows:

The Sam Willows is a Singaporean band consisting of members Sandra Riley Tang, Jon Chua, Narelle Kheng, and Benjamin Kheng. They are known for their catchy pop sound and have released successful tracks such as "Take Heart" and "Keep Me Jealous."


These singers have made significant contributions to the Singaporean music industry and have garnered recognition both locally and internationally.


Top 20 singers and their specializations in Singapore


Here is a list of 20 top Singaporean singers along with their specializations or genres:


JJ Lin - Mandopop

Tanya Chua - Mandopop

Stefanie Sun - Mandopop

Kit Chan - Pop

Nathan Hartono - Pop, R&B

Taufik Batisah - R&B, Pop

Sezairi - Pop, R&B

Benjamin Kheng - Pop, Folk, Alternative

Charlie Lim - Pop, Soul

Jasmine Sokko - Electronic, Pop

Gentle Bones - Pop, Folk

Linying - Pop, Indie

Joanna Dong - Jazz, Mandopop

Aisyah Aziz - Pop, R&B

Shabir Tabare Alam - Tamil Pop

Inch Chua - Indie Pop, Alternative

Daphne Khoo - Pop, R&B

Shigga Shay - Hip Hop, Rap

Tabitha Nauser - Pop, R&B

The Sam Willows (Sandra Riley Tang, Jon Chua, Narelle Kheng, Benjamin Kheng) - Pop


Please note that the categorization of singers into specific genres or specializations may vary, and some singers may explore multiple genres in their music.


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